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My name is Katarina O’Nils Franke and I’m a Swedish writer and poet living in Stockholm. I’m assistant editor at the magazine and TV channel Axess, and primarily work with production and marketing. I’m also board member in Svenska Högerpressen.

My first novel, Kollisionen, was published by Visto förlag in August 2015. My latest novel, Ett annorlunda avtal, will be released this autumn.

In the beginning of 2013 my poetry was translated and published in Kurdish. My poetry and short stories in Swedish are published in several anthologies, I have had a dramatic piece put up in Uppsala, a poem composed to a choral song by composer Cecilia Franke that was premièred in March 2014, and a text for an opera piece put up at one of the Swedish opera houses, Folkoperan in 2013.

E-Mail: katarina@onils.se
Twitter: @onilsfranke